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About Lauren Leonard

“Do you ever stop talking?”, a question I have been asked far too many times throughout my lifetime. I used to be embarrassed when people asked me this, but today, I embrace it. Loquacity: “The quality of talking a great deal.” When I found this word, it was almost as if my talkativeness made sense. Being given the nickname “Lo”, this has been my favorite word since high school, and I couldn’t imagine titling my blog anything else.

For years, I have been reading other people’s blogs and watching other people’s YouTube videos while secretly envying their confidence to do what they were doing. I finally decided in March 2017 that I would attempt to live my life without fear of failure or embarrassment. That included putting myself out there and starting a blog.

Although I do have a passion for fashion and beauty, I can’t see myself dedicating an entire blog to that. I have so many topics I am passionate about, and don’t want to limit myself to writing in one specific category. I like to think of this being the place where I write about all of the things my family and friends are sick of hearing me talk about. Whether its little tidbits from my life, fashion and beauty inspiration, yummy food creations, or life motivation, My Loquacity will always keep you guessing.

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