Last Minute Women’s Gift Guide- What to Get the Special Women in your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Finals are over, I’m back in Boston, and its time for rest, relaxation, and Christmas gifting! With Christmas Eve quickly approaching, it’s about time to pick up the last few (or all) of your Christmas Gifts. But what should you buy the important people in your life? Keep reading for details on what to by some of the favorite women in your life… and stay tuned for my Men’s Gift Guide coming this upcoming week! Continue reading Last Minute Women’s Gift Guide- What to Get the Special Women in your Life


As some of you may have noticed, I have not posted on My Loquacity for the past week. As someone who feels like she should have everything under control all of the time, I have been feeling extremely guilty about this. I love blogging, but as a college student, sometimes life gets in the way. This past week, I had 4 midterms to study for, and I celebrated my 21st birthday. As much as I hated to do it, I gave myself the week off, but promised myself that I was going to create amazing content from there on out.

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Life Update/ Operation 21

As I’ve mentioned before, this blog is supposed to be a place where I write about everything my friends are sick of hearing me talk about. Today’s post is going to be about my personal life, so if you’re not super into that, keep a look out for Friday’s post instead! Also, if you want to hear about Operation 21, skip to the third paragraph.

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Attaining a Positive Body Image

I have an eerily vivid memory of my young self  trying on shorts in The Children’s Place. My family was going on vacation to Disney World with my cousins, and my mom wanted to pick up a few new outfits for my sister and I before we left. I turned to my mother, and told her that my legs were too big for me to be wearing shorts. In this moment, my ignorance to body image was gone.  Continue reading Attaining a Positive Body Image

Finding Balance

I used to want to be the girl who had it all together. I wanted to be the  girl with a 4.0 GPA, who worked out every day, involved herself in 12 different clubs, and managed to look flawless while doing it all. Yes, I used to want to be that girl, but lately, I’ve been pretty damn proud of  who I’ve actually been. That might sound a little strange to say, because people don’t say kind words about themselves very often, but I think I have this whole Junior year of college thing down. Regardless of your grade level, you can be proud of the person you actually are too, and find the balance you’ve been searching for. Here’s how!   Continue reading Finding Balance

How to Survive Long Distance

I used to think that long distance was stupid. I never understood why you’d want to try to make something work with someone when you never could see them anyway. I used to try to convince my friends that it was a bad idea to be with someone who didn’t live close by, until it happened to me. Continue reading How to Survive Long Distance

Live your Life in Color

Fridays’ posts have kind of been the “wild card” on My Loquacity lately, and I have been loving that I have an outlet to share my opinions and personal struggles.Today, I am writing about a light-hearted topic, that I’ve been becoming more aware of over the past few weeks. I hope this post ends up being relatable. Continue reading Live your Life in Color

The Key to Living a Positive Life

“Positivity is a choice, not a personality trait.” For the longest time I didn’t believe this statement. I used to think I was a positive person, and just had bad days. Although this is somewhat true, I started having too many bad days, or I would get caught up on the smallest things and let them ruin my attitude. I now only allow myself to have bad moments, and not bad days. Continue reading The Key to Living a Positive Life

About Me Tag

It’s finally Friday, and I decided to mix up my blog post a little for today! Although I have shared a lot of the reasoning behind why I wanted to start a blog, I haven’t really shared a lot of personal information with you guys, and I thought what better way to get to know me than the “Get to Know Me Tag.” In this post, I will be answering 30 random questions about myself! You may be surprised at some of my answers! Continue reading About Me Tag

How to Get a Boyfriend in 2017

For years, I was the girl who desperately wanted to be in a relationship, but would never admit it. I would meet guys, and tell them right off the bat that I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I realize now that this was my insecurity talking, but at the time, I thought that was what guys wanted to hear. I thought that if I played it cool for long enough, the guy would have to come around eventually, right? Continue reading How to Get a Boyfriend in 2017