Craving Fall

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, “It’s only September 4th, why on earth are you wearing a sweater?” Fall is just around the corner, people, and it has been pretty chilly here in North Carolina. I will admit, I was a little warm the day I wore this outfit, but I didn’t care all that much because I loved it, and it got me inspired.  Hopefully, my post, along with the release of the PSL (you’re welcome), will help to get you as excited I am for the best season there is! Enjoy, ladies! 

If we’re being totally honest, this sweater is from Marshalls, so it was totally impossible for me to find it online to link. I hate featuring pieces that aren’t accessible to you guys on my blog, but sometimes, I just have to do it. Clothes are expensive, and Marshalls is a great place to find inexpensive, cute ,casual tops for every season. Of course, I will be linking similar tops at the bottom of this post to help you recreate this outfit, but they will definitely be a little different than the one featured.


This top was a little too low- cut, so I used a safety-pin to keep myself looking modest. I love finding sweaters that are cozy, yet have a little something different to them. This neckline and draped front make this sweater exactly that. I love this warm pink/ purple color, and think it would work really well with every skin-tone.

My jeans are actually from… (drumroll please)… Bebe! I typically don’t  shop at Bebe, but they have really awesome jeans/ pants. They do ripped jeans very well; they are comfy, don’t have too many holes in them, and they fit amazingly. If you’ve been trying to add some variety to your pant collection, Bebe is definitely the place to go!

As for jewelry, I am wearing this necklace that looks like three! With such a deep neckline, I  wanted to add a fun necklace to distract from all the skin that was showing in that area. I purchased this specific necklace from Forever 21 last year, and have been able to wear it with multiple different outfits. In this link, there are many similar options on Forever 21!


I am also wearing (you guessed it) my every day bracelets.


My shoes are probably my favorite part of this outfit! I bought these at Nordstrom right when they came out, and have been in love ever since. They took me a while to break in, but after I got past that, I have been wearing them like crazy. These are by the brand Calson, and I think they look very similar to the ones from Vince, but  at a fraction of the price. They’re also on sale, so act fast!


I hope everyone loved this outfit as much as I did! I am way too excited for fall, and all that comes with it. I have been so happy with the comments that I have been getting on my posts lately, and have loved the opportunities I have been getting to interact with you guys. In today’s comments, tell me what your favorite part about Fall is! As always, thank you for supporting My Loquacity. Your support means everything!


Alternative Sweater Options 










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