LUSH Jelly Mask First Impression- Birth Of Venus

Happy Monday, loves! In today’s post, instead of doing a review, where I have used the product for a good period of time, I am doing a “first impression”, where I test the product in question once, and then tell you guys what I think. I want to start doing these a lot more, because they allow me to try out more products, and I can always give updates on future posts if the products don’t end up working like I thought! In this post, I tried out one of the new LUSH Jelly Face Masks, “The Birth of Venus”. Stay tuned to see what I thought!

When I first saw the Jelly Face Masks at LUSH, I  immediately knew that I needed to try them out! I am a sucker for different textures and formulas, and thought the idea of a jelly mask was amazing. Seeing that they had several different options, and I don’t have any predominate issues with my skin, I decided to try out “The Birth of Venus”, which promises “revitalized, smooth skin” after usage.


The instructions advise you to take a pinch of the jelly and rub it with your hands to warm it up into a paste. When I first saw the jar, I didn’t think there was much product at all, but after pinching it and rubbing it into the proper consistency, I discovered that a little pinch goes a long way! The texture of this mask was a LOT smoother than I expected. The video on the LUSH website made the mask appear a bit more messy than it is in reality. This certainly is not a bad thing.


After turning the product into a paste, the instructions tell us to apply it directly on the skin. After doing this, I noticed that the color dries to be a bit more transparent than I assumed. As you can tell in the lovely selfie below, a very thin layer of green is visible, despite me covering my entire face with this product. While wearing the mask, my skin felt a little tighter than usual, but definitely was not anything out of the ordinary.


I left the mask on for 10 minutes, as instructed, and rinsed the mask off with warm water. The feeling of the mask on my fingers was mesmerizing. The product is as smooth as butter, but way thicker. (If you had tried this product, you’d understand my metaphor here. )The product did take a little while for me to remove completely from my face, but that tends to happen with natural ingredients. After the product was off of my face, my skin felt clean, but still remained smooth and hydrated. It is now the next morning, and I am loving the feel of my skin.


Overall, if you are looking for a fun new mask to add a little umph to your skin, I would recommend giving this one a try, based off of my first impression. This product definitely gets the job done, and is interesting to experiment with regardless. If you liked this post, or have any other recommendations of products you want to see my first impression of, please let me know in the comment section of this post! As always, thank you for reading and supporting My Loquacity! Your support means the world to me. 


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