What’s in My Acai Bowl

Lately, It has been almost impossible for me to go on Instagram or Snapchat without coming across a picture of someone’s perfectly decorated acai bowl. Although some may find this annoying or ‘basic’, I, personally, live for these posts,  because I love finding inspiration on what I can add to mine! In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite acai bowl toppings, along with my secret to attaining the perfect consistency! 

My masterpiece always starts off with the “Pure Unsweetened” acai packages by the brand Sambazon. (I use this brand simply because I have only ever tried this one, and don’t find much of a need to try any others.) The directions instruct you to run the packet under water before blending- DON’T SKIP THIS STEP. (These babies are frozen solid and can be very hard to blend.) I like to take a bowl of lukewarm water and keep my packet in there to soak while I get out all of my ingredients. Soaking the packets before blending has made my life so much easier; it cuts the blending time in half for me and always leaves me with the perfect texture!


Once I have all of my ingredients handy, and the acai packet has a bit of liquid at the top, I dump the contents from the package into my Nutribullet. After, I add a dash of almond milk,  some frozen berries or frozen mango, and half of a banana. I then begin to blend until my mixture resembles a purple ice cream.

After the mixture is poured into an appropriately sized bowl, it’s time for my very favorite part…Toppings! In all honesty, on a day-to-day basis, I add whatever I have in my kitchen. However, on a day where I just went to the grocery store, I may go a bit overboard. In the first picture below, a simple Acai bowl is shown. I used the other half of the banana from before, some blueberries, a tablespoon of my favorite Whole Foods Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, and some vegan carob chips that my sister always has in the house. (Sorry Kat!) I wanted to include two different bowls because I always am mixing up my toppings, and as a college student, I understand the struggle of not being able to afford/ have access to a bunch of toppings from a health food store!


In the following picture, you’ll see there is a little more to my acai bowl. I added the other half of the banana again, some blueberries, yogurt covered goji berries (YUM) , the same carob chips I used from before, and some coconut flakes. This is still pretty simple, but during the school year, my acai bowls will be looking a lot more like bowl number one. You’ll also notice that the color of my bowl has changed a bit as well. Depending on the fruit you add to the mixture, the color will most likely change.



This post was so much fun to make because  I honestly eat a bowl once a day! Acai bowls are delicious , a great source of antioxidants, and somehow I never seem to get sick of them! Is my Acai Bowl lacking some of your favorite toppings? Let me know what you  add to your acai, so I can start adding to mine.


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My Loquacity

My name is Lauren Leonard, but you can call me Lo! I am a 21-year-old college student, sorority woman, and future business professional with a love for fashion, beauty, communication, and bringing positivity into the lives of others. Through my blog, I hope to promote confidence to all of my readers, and prove that you can do anything you set your mind to.

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