Falling for Mint Julep Boutique

The second I announced on My Loquacity that the weather was cooling down in North Carolina, mother nature decided to play a little trick on me and make it 85 degrees every day since. I know that shouldn’t be something to complain about , but it’s officially fall, and just because the weather is warmer, doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop wearing my fall outfits. If I overheat, so be it! Anyway… I bring this up because today I’m sharing another fall outfit with you that I have been dying over. Hopefully, you all will love it as much as I do! 


Mint Julep Boutique has been my guilty pleasure for the past few years now, and I’m finally ready to introduce you to her. Mint Julep is a boutique based out of Alabama that also has an online website: www.shopthemint.com. They’re clothes are adorable, and they have something for everyone. Whether you’re into monograms or leather, I can guarantee you’ll find something you love, at an affordable price. You’ll notice that a lot of my Fall wardrobe is from Mint Julep, so I thought I’d make the introduction now.

I started this outfit off by taking a pair of black jeans, and pairing it with a black textured shirt with a criss- cross tie up top. My black jeans are from bebe, and are super comfy, feeling kind of like jeggings with the elastic waist and soft material. When I originally was putting this outfit together, I wanted to wear ripped jeans with the vest, but after experimenting, I decided I liked how the cream popped against an all black outfit much better. I also wanted to wear a plain black top, but If we’re being honest, I couldn’t find mine, and improvised.IMG_4701

Now, onto the fun stuff! When I saw Mint Julep’s “You’re So Fab Vest” in nude, I knew I needed it immediately. This vest adds a hint of elegance to any outfit, and instantly makes your look come together. I was skeptical about the slits on the sides of the vest at first, but I ended up loving how it broke up the outfit. As I was walking down the street before shooting this outfit, a woman complimented me on it, and told me that I needed to give it to her, because it matched her shoes. This vest makes people do crazy things, people, but there was no way that I was giving it up!


I also am wearing Mint Julep’s “Strut Your Stuff Booties” . If we’re being honest, I saw these shoes paired with the vest on the model, and bought both because they complimented each other so well. I have been able to wear these shoes 4 times since purchasing them, however. They go well with so many different outfits, and are perfect for inbetween weather with the peep toe. I suck at walking in heels, and surprisingly haven’t fallen once while wearing these booties.


As usual, I am wearing my everyday bracelets, that are from all over, but I am also wearing this bar necklace with my initial on it from Francesca’s, Bar necklaces are awesome because they are so simple that they go with everything. I wear this all the time, and love how it looks.



Hopefully, you all enjoyed this Fall outfit mostly from Mint Julep. I am so pumped to be sharing another outfit post today;it has been a hot minute. Keep your eyes peeled for more Fall outfits; this is my favorite season for clothes! Also, don’t forget to check out Mint Julep and let me know what you think about them down below! As always, thank you for supporting My Loquacity. Your support means the world to me!


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