Eden Perforated Slip-On Sneaker Review

On a day to day basis, I keep it pretty casual. I am either dressed up in outfits like the ones I share on my blog, or I’m in leggings or jeans paired with a casual tee shirt. This not only explains my lack of outfit posts lately, but also is a great starting point to introduce the shoes that I’ll be talking about today! I wanted a pair of shoes that I could wear on a day to day basis that immediately dressed up my outfits. Although I featured these in an outfit post already, I thought these shoes needed their own post. 

This summer, I had been on the prowl for a pair of cute slip on sneakers. I had my eye on the Vince Preston Platform Sneakers, but I wasn’t too sure how often I’d wear them, and I thought they were a bit pricy. One day, before I was going to school, I went into Nordstrom, and committed to the Eden Perforated Slip On Sneaker by Calson . I haven’t looked back since! (lol I’m so dramatic)

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 7.21.27 PM.png

When I first bought these shoes, however, I did not properly break them in. Like any other pair of shoes with backs on them, they definitely needed to be warn around the house and in shorter time segments before wearing them for a long period of time. Of course, I didn’t do that, and absolutely destroyed the back of my foot. Yuck! Learn from my mistakes, people!

After getting over the initial pain, these shoes became my go to, and are extremely comfortable. The holes on the top of the shoe are awesome for hot days, because it provides airflow. This may sound obvious, but when I first bought them, I thought the design was more for style, and not for a practical reason.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 7.21.19 PM

These shoes retail at $79.95, and come in two colors, Lt Grey Suede, and Taro Suede. As you can tell by my pictures, I have the Lt Grey Suede ones, and love the color. They are adorable with cuffed jeans, but I can seriously wear them with anything! (and I do) I have gotten countless compliments on these Calson slip on sneakers, and thought that I would put this post out there for all of those who have been asking about them.

As always, thank you for supporting My Loquacity! Your opinions mean the world to me! I would love to hear your suggestions on what I should post next. Please leave in the comments below which types of posts you like reading more, and I will definitely take that into consideration in the future.



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