Blue and White Striped Top Outfit Post

After spending a long school year without access to a J Crew, I may have gone a little crazy when I received my first few paychecks of the summer. Although the price of this top is not completely outrageous, I know that there are so many cheaper blouses that are similar to this one that I could have purchased. Everyone and their mother has been wearing blue and white off the shoulder tops, dresses, and rompers, and although I wanted to participate in this trend, like with most things, I wanted to do it a little differently.

When I saw this blouse at JCrew, I swear it was calling my name. I picked it up and immediately knew that it was coming home with me. Unfortunately. I experience this sensation quite frequently, and there is nothing that I can do to make the feeling go away but to purchase the item. Simply because I wanted to make this feeling go away, I bought the top, and it has been sitting in my closet waiting for me to style it until now! Luckily for you guys, the Embellished off- the-shoulder striped top is now on sale!IMG_1791.jpg

All joking aside, what really sold me on this blouse was the beautiful green/blue beading on the front. I just felt that it added a little something extra to a very popular trend, and I could not resist! I also love the tie detailing on the sleeves for both fashion and practicality reasons. When tied properly, the ties obviously look adorable, but also make the long sleeved top more appropriate for summer, allowing more skin to be exposed on the arm if desired.


As you can see, for jewelry I kept it very simple. I accessorized with my everyday gold bracelets, which are from an assortment of boutiques. My most recent addition, however, is this adorable Kate Spade Dainty Sparklers cuff. Jewelry is a very personal thing, so mix it up and add pieces you love!

For the bottoms, I decided to pair this top with a pair of basic white jeans. Although these jeans are basic, the process of finding them definitely was not! I spent the ENTIRE summer looking for a pair of white jeans that didn’t accentuate all of the indents on the back of my thighs! I finally found this pair a few weeks ago and am overly obsessed, so if you see a lot of posts of me wearing white jeans, that is exactly why. I found this pair of white wash skinny jeans at Jcrew as well, surprise, surprise! I love that they don’t completely cling to your skin, but are not baggy around the knees either! I have found that so many jeans do one or the other.


I have been absolutely loving these Michael Kors Hastings Suede Wedges . They go with so many different colors, and immediately dress up any outfit. I paid $140 for them, and am jealous of anyone who buys them now because they are on sale for half the price! They are super comfortable, but my one complaint is that there is a little MK logo on the side of the shoe. Although I appreciate the brand wanting to put its insignia on there somewhere, I am not a huge fan of logos on my clothing.IMG_1802.jpg

Overall, This outfit is adorable, perfect for any occasion,and very easy to recreate! I will definitely be wearing this outfit again soon, so if you see me wearing it, yes, I am totally an outfit repeater! Did you like this outfit post? Let me know in the comments what your favorite piece was! Also, let me know if you’d like to see more of these posts. I love to hear your feedback!




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